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Table of Contents

Day Schedule

Order Participant Topic Scheduled Time
00 Morning Refreshments & Coffee β˜•οΈ 9:30
Lightning Talks ⚑️🎀
01 Aqeel Mohammad Introduction 10:00
02 Ryan Betts What is a wallet? 10:20
03 Richard Parayno Human-Computer Interaction / User Experience Academic Research 10:30
04 Luka Kropec Translations and Accessibility 10:40
05 Rachel Black Gamification 10:50
06 Adriano Bradley The Back-Breaking Work of a Yield Farmer: How Can we Unify a Thousand Fragmented Vaults 11:00
07 Colfax Shelby The UX of Staking on Ethereum 11:10
08 Georgia Rakusen Tales from the front line: a Researcher’s Perspective 11:20
09 Sasha Tanase The Future of Web3 UX - A paradigm shift for a better collaboration 11:30
10 Kaan Uzdogan Human Friendly Contract Interactions 11:40
11 Chris Battenfield & Oisin Kyne Distributed Key Generation 11:50
12 Weiwu Zhang Connecting Web2 and Web3 12:00
13 Gregory Rocco Sign-in with Ethereum 12:10
Open Mic πŸŽ™
14 TBD I’ve got no Shill! - Open Mic 12:20
15 TBD I’ve got no Shill! - Open Mic 12:30
Lunch & DevConnect Break πŸ₯— 12:40
16 Attendee Fishbowl Lunch & Learn Fishbowl - Web3 on-boarding 1:00
17 Attendee Fishbowl Lunch & Learn Fishbowl - User Research 1:15
18 Attendee Fishbowl Lunch & Learn Fishbowl - Decentralize or Bust 1:30
19 Attendee Fishbowl Lunch & Learn Fishbowl - Post Merge Ethereum 1:45
Working Groups βš’ 🧠
20 Working Group Formation - Open Mic 2:00
21 Working Groups 2:30
Shareout / Debrief πŸ“πŸ“’
22 Working Group Shareouts / Next Steps 5:00

Working Groups βš’πŸ§ 

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with Ethereum Working Group

User Research

Multichain wallets

User Onboarding



Event Venue


Het West-Indisch Huis

Herenmarkt 99, 1013 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands

**Google Maps πŸ—Ί**

Event Timing: 9:30AM - 6:00PM

Coffee and tea will be served in morning and early lunch in afternoon with snacks and drinks available all day.

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